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Some Daily Habits and Brain Effects, click here to take the test
(Habits and Brain)


Welcome to some Daily Habits and Brain Effects.

This is a test. Please complete the test and follow the recommendations.

This test will show you how your daily habits could have implications in your brain and also could have changes in your life.

This test is inspired in dr. Daniel Amen´s work. You will find some scientific publications and also the experience of Dr. Amen with more than 50.000 brain SPECT studies.

Take the test and evaluate yourself


1. Click on the title Daily Habits and Brain Health

2. Create an account. Then, you will receive a confirmation e- mail. Click on the link you receive, go to settings and click on enrol this course

If you don´t want to create an account use this login:visitor, Password: visitor1

3. Click on Take the test and answer every question using the submit button once your answer has been selected.

This is Alvaro Arismendy´s final project for Harvard MBHE course.

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